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Boosta connects expert trainers and passionate players with the help of a JLOOP-designed mobile app.

Boosta App
Step by Step Training

Executing a Vision for Mobile

Boosta approached JLOOP with something they had been working on for years- a step-by-step training system that provides a one-on-one connection between player and trainer. Working closely with their team, we built the system they needed, and designed a great user experience for players and trainers. From the look and feel of the video-based app to the UX flow, JLOOP helped Boosta deliver a functional and fun experience to its trainers and players.

Simplifying the system for users

The essential focus of the Boosta experience is the challenge system, where players work toward new skills in a step-by-step process that features video feedback from trainers. This system features content uploaded by trainers, video submissions from players, feedback, and second attempts, all on video. Kind of complex! JLOOP wanted this system to be as elegant and simple as possible for both trainers and players, so architecting an intuitive and rewarding user experience was essential. With our years of design experience and user insight, we worked with Boosta to give any user, whether they be a player or a trainer, a clear path forward within the app- keeping the focus on learning and improving.

Defining the MVP
User Flows Login screen

Sentiment Feedback: User Behavior Informs Design Evolution

As projects progress, JLOOP uses feedback to inform smart changes and important evolutions in app design. In a previous version of the Boosta app, trainers could give feedback to players completing challenge steps with “sentiment icons”- emojis that gave bite-size reactions from a trainer when videos weren’t appropriate. Over time, we found that players created a hierarchy of these icons, and they would reattempt challenges to chase after an icon that they perceived as better than another one, in an effort to compete with each other and master challenges instead of just completing them.

In collaboration with the Boosta team, JLOOP leaned into this desire for mastery and repetition by introducing the medal system- visual medals that come from star ratings on individual challenge steps. Players can now collect medals from all challenges and try to beat their previous scores in a more official, measurable capacity. This change influences how trainers build challenges, too, with some of them now focusing on creating tougher, more replayable challenges designed to give players something to strive for over time. By understanding how our technology is used and pushing it forward creatively, we’ve made Boosta a more fun place to practice and grow as an athlete!

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