Brands for Bands

Rebuilding BrandsforBands
Inside and Out

Creating a completely new marketplace by simplifying a complicated legal process into a streamlined web service.


Why Brands for Bands Came to Us

BrandsforBands isn’t just any web app. They’re no-joke revolutionizing music licensing, and needed a creative technology partnership to match. That’s where JLOOP comes in.

Together, we’ve taken an incredibly cumbersome legal process and turned it into a simplified online service. BrandsforBands makes music licensing attainable for lesser known bands. And in turn, matches brands with real music by real musicians - a win-win.

BrandsforBands needed a partner who could understand, translate, and deliver the complex licensing process behind their service. We were able to meet their needs and effectively rebuild the service with a faster, more intuitive user experience.

Our Goals & Approach

Our rebuild centered around astute planning, design and development, including…

Goal Approach
1 Translate a multi-step legal process into an easy-to-use online service A key component of creating a great service like BrandsforBands is planning and critical thinking. We were able to thoroughly learn and understand the offline process in order to develop and design the optimal user experience - for both brands and bands.
2 Improve speed, usability, and growth BrandsforBands expects significant monthly growth, which is why we developed a backend that can not only handle expansion, but also maintain speed and efficiency.

Additionally, because BrandsforBands was already a functioning web service, we needed to accomplish a massive data transfer. We successfully migrated the entirety of BrandsforBrands’ user profiles, music, and information to our newly-built system without a hitch.

Our development work, matched with optimal use of cloud computing, makes for a speedy and efficient web experience. Our focus on optimal usability, resulted in a site that performs well across a variety of platforms, including mobile.
3 Create on-trend design with high usability By applying a well-planned information hierarchy and clean design, this otherwise complicated process feels anything but complicated for the user. We created an intuitive, and you might even say fun, experience for people looking to license music. While we embraced trends in web design, we applied them in a way that uniquely appeals to the target audience and that will last for time to come.

What We Accomplished

We gave BrandsforBands a redesigned infrastructure and improved user experience. Slick design and speedier performance makes the music licensing process both welcoming and easy -- something both brands and bands might never have thought possible.

One of our proudest accomplishments? Working with BrandsforBands as an equal partner. We exchanged feedback, challenged each other, and collaborated on a vision. In turn, we made this new marketplace for music licensing the best it could be, and that’s awesome.