iOS Game

We created a completely original gaming app by giving gamers a hand in its creation.


Why We Made Gravitations

Nothing like this existed out there, and we couldn't help but wonder… what if?

We had a vision for a gaming app that lets users create their own levels for others to play. A creative and technical challenge - and an exciting one at that. After all, JLOOP is known for pushing the limits of creative potential with our clients. Why not explore the creative potential for ourselves this time? Creativity, design, and sophisticated development. This is what we do, and Gravitations is a testament to just how far we can go.

Our Goals & Approach

While our original goals were to make a great game and to challenge ourselves, the deeper we dove, the more we learned - and we ended up with a valuable case study in user-generated gaming. We accomplished this by…

Goal Approach
1 Empower our players and give them ownership over the game. Gravitations' users shape the game’s evolution. Not only do they create puzzles for other players, but they also shape the game through direct feedback. For JLOOP, listening to the user is paramount when it comes to designing technology that matters. Gravitations has proven to be a fantastic example of this approach in action.
2 Get friends involved in an authentic way. Facebook integration encourages sharing, targeting potential new players.
3 Reach a broad audience We made Gravitations functional and fun across multiple platforms: iPad, iPhone, web, and Facebook.
4 Monetize! We're actively exploring many monetization strategies for casual gaming, including an internal economy with virtual currency, ad displays, and in-app purchases. We incorporate, evaluate, learn, and adjust - gaining valuable insights we can pass on to our clients and partners.

What We Accomplished

Gravitations was a success on more than one level. We created a successful game that engages players in an original way. For that, we won the KIIP Build Fund 2013 award, and were featured in Apple's App Store under the What's Hot puzzles list. Gravitations has also become an educational study on growth. Via feedback and user-generated content, users are continually changing the game. Gravitations is alive and kicking.