We are an award–winning creative technology and development firm

that specializes in creating memorable online experiences, primarily in the mobile space. Understanding how creative and technology work together, we get it when it comes to marketing and branding and regularly partner with agencies to create initiatives that drive human consequence by inspiring people to take action.

We are fixated on creating engaging digital experiences that drive human consequence

through the melding of innovative design and advanced technology. It's in our DNA. It's who we are. It's what gets us out of bed every morning. We call it creative technology - creative technology that matters.

We want our work to matter BOTH for our clients and their business objectives, AND for their users. We listen intently to our clients purpose - we design for it… but we also fiercely care about the end user… we want the user to have an experience that is meaningful and useful to them. So we've been known to suggest removing features that get in the way of things that we know about users and what they want. This is a value of our experience… and the fact that we care.

Our Work

We love bringing brands to life through engaging digital experiences.

We are proud to say we have delivered many success stories for our clients - and we have to admit, we have lots of fun building really cool things for a connected world. Check out some of our work and let us know what you think.

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Our clients don't just love our work, the design community in general does. Take a look at some recent awards we've won.

Davey Awards
2014 Davey Awards
Mobile Applications - Games


W3 Awards
W3 Awards
Self Promotion

JLOOP Website

MarCom Awards
MarCom Awards

Ringorang Promo Video

Telly Awards
Telly Awards
Bronze Winner

JLOOP Venture Out Video

2014 WebAward
Best Real Estate Website

Leverage Global Partners Website

Best Mobile App Awards
2014 Best Mobile App Awards
Best Game


Videographer Awards
2014 Videographer Awards

JLOOP Venture Out Video

Hermes Creative Awards
2014 Hermes Creative Awards
Website Overall / Professional Service

BrandsForBands Website & Client Portal

Our Team

Inside, JLOOP is a passionate, tight-knit group of creatives and developers

who think big picture and execute efficiently, always with the end state in mind. We technically don't build rocket ships (not saying that we couldn't, we've just never tried), but we have this special talent for untangling fishing line and celebrating our clients' victories (we like doing that a lot). Meet the team and see how we do it:

  • Jay Dysart

    Jay Dysart Founder | President

    Jay Dysart

    A prolific storyteller with a knack for speaking code, Jay Dysart has been bringing together creative and technology since the founding of JLOOP in 2001.

    Serving as the President and CEO, Jay is a hands-on guy who loves working alongside his team to create the big idea, and then bringing that idea to life for a digital world. With a thirst for learning emerging technologies and new ways to produce purpose-driven work, Jay races toward projects that have a need to exist.

    Under Jay's leadership, JLOOP has produced work for such clients as Subaru of America, LG Electronics, DIC Entertainment, Infiniti USA, Element Skateboards, Anthony Robbins Companies, McDonalds, Cleveland Golf, Teles Properties, NV Energy, and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

    Prior to JLOOP, Jay founded two performing arts companies – the critically acclaimed Hidden Theatre in Minneapolis, and The Group at Strasberg for the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Hollywood. Jay continues to pursue this passion by navigating JLOOP's presence in the entertainment industry.

    His passion for creative technology is only the beginning. He loves to travel, preferably near the ocean, is into wine, gadgets, laughter, and most importantly, the human race. He also donates his time in leading fundraising events for charitable organizations such as Christian Outreach in Action, helping to feed the homeless and hungry in Long Beach.

    He is the proud father of three boys and lives with his wife, Christi, his children, a dog and a cat in Long Beach.

    Name the award you are most proud of receiving
    "My son once gave me the Most Epic Dad Ever Award. Does that count?" (Yes, it does.)

  • Courtney Harmeling

    Courtney Harmeling Senior Producer

    Courtney Harmeling

    A 15-year veteran in the tech industry, Courtney is your enthusiastic guide on the path to project success.

    At JLOOP, Courtney:

    • Manages large-scale development projects from start-to-finish.
    • Assembles creative and development teams to ensure objectives are met.
    • Delivers results, on time, on target, and on budget.

    In the world, Courtney:

    • Is the mother of two adventurous kids and wife to a very handsome surfing attorney.
    • Is a lover of gaudy holiday rooftop decorations - especially at her home base in San Diego.
    • Makes a mean margarita.
  • John Mayes

    John Mayes Producer | Architect

    John Mayes

    With an exceptional eye for detail, John designs the user experiences that make our work appear effortless to the end user.

    At JLOOP, John:

    • Fills a dual role as Project Manager and Architect.
    • Provides a relentless discipline in documenting the tiniest UX details.
    • Ensures all stakeholders are in sync through detailed communication and streamlined use of technology.

    In the world, John:

    • Hails from North Carolina.
    • Is a chronic online sharer.
    • Regularly walks to work from his home in the blossoming East Village.
  • Lauren Daniels

    Lauren Daniels New Business & Communications

    Lauren Daniels

    A swiss army knife of talents, Lauren manages client contracts and accounts, as well as internal business processes.

    At JLOOP, Lauren:

    • Targets new business opportunities, schedules initial meetings and fosters the client/JLOOP relationship.
    • Handles marketing initiatives, advertising opportunities and internal organization.
    • Keeps the team happy and healthy - organizing our fifth-Wednesday events, holiday events and more!

    In the world, Lauren:

    • Just recently had her 2nd baby boy, and makes it look easy.
    • Is a self-proclaimed "water baby" who can be found on Catalina Island every summer.
    • Has won a lot of awards as a swimmer (that's saying something in Long Beach!)
  • Greg Stratford

    Greg Stratford Founder | Marketing Strategist

    Greg Stratford

    Greg develops enlightened marketing strategies built for a digital world.

    Ever since he was a kid, Greg Stratford has seen technology as a tool to empower individuals. It started way back in elementary school when he built a creative workstation so his disabled sister could color and act like a normal kindergartner. Today in his capacity as a Technical & Marketing Strategist, he helps us all see the human side of technology and how it impacts our lives.

    Prior to JLOOP, he served as a faculty member at the Art Institute of California in Orange County, where he helped shape the curriculum while teaching advanced courses in multimedia and web design and advised on several internal steering committees. He previously operated a technology company focused on helping small businesses move their processes online.

  • Jen Christopher

    Jen Christopher Founder | Brand Strategist

    Jen Christopher

    Jen Christopher has been building brands for nearly 20 years.

    Jen has a unique understanding of how branding, marketing and integrated digital campaigns work together to create that "aha moment" for clients and the customers they serve.

    Prior to JLOOP, she was the Creative Director at Lathian Health – an interactive medical marketing and education agency. At JLOOP, she has led campaigns for several major pharmaceutical brands, including NasacortAQ, Ambien and Celebrex.

  • Daniel Fordyce

    Daniel Fordyce UX Developer | Team Leader

    Daniel Fordyce

    With an artistic eye and a painter's patience, Daniel brings digital work to life in your browser, email client, tablet, or phone.

    At JLOOP, Daniel:

    • Crafts elegant CSS to deliver intelligent output with a long shelf life.
    • Utilizes cutting edge technologies and modern approaches to make our work lively and responsive.
    • Guides our development strategies with wisdom, patience, and respect.

    In the world, Daniel:

    • Is an expert visual artist, painter, and illustrator.
    • Loves handcrafted work - particularly when its in the form of a hearty brew.
    • Is one of 6 kids and a long-time Long Beach native who rides his bike to JLOOP.
  • Michael Stratford

    Michael Stratford Apps & Server-Side | Team Leader

    Michael Stratford

    The wizard behind the JLOOP curtain, Michael cut his development teeth as a JLOOP intern. Just a few years later, he lights the path through our most complex development.

    At JLOOP, Michael:

    • Engineers system architecture solutions using a hefty toolset at his disposal.
    • Leads the development team through example and collaboration - convinced there is always something more to learn.
    • Would think outside the box, if he knew there was a box.

    In the world, Michael:

    • Is a proud husband and father.
    • Is currently training a 5-year-old to beat a 34-year-old at chess.
    • Loves to socialize over games, a bowling lane, or a good pizza.
  • Todd Pastell

    Todd Pastell Software Engineer

    Todd Pastell

    With a Mechanical Engineering degree, Todd brings discipline and focus to our technical output.

    At JLOOP, Todd:

    • Is a coding ninja - executing with silent precision.
    • Has proven he can learn any programming language - Client & Server-Side to boot.
    • Keeps our internal infrastructure healthy and backed up.

    In the world, Todd:

    • Holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona.
    • Has the warmest smile ever to be paired with a cold and wicked ping-pong backhand.
    • Is one of 4 kids and hails from Palos Verdes, CA.
  • Chris Stevens

    Chris Stevens Software Engineer

    Chris Stevens

    A rare JLOOPer with formal Computer Science education, Chris hammers away at code to craft efficient technology solutions that make us proud.

    At JLOOP, Chris:

    • Brings deep expertise to bear on coding challenges on a daily basis.
    • Manages our web infrastructure, keeping client sites healthy and happy.
    • Is a gifted wordsmith, providing solid documentation of complex processes.

    In the world, Chris:

    • Arrived at the JLOOP doorstep as a long time friend of Mike & Todd - even though they had never met in person (WoW).
    • Has been known to lose at chess to a 5-year-old.
    • Is an avid hobbyist and lover of fine machinery.
  • Jake Schumacher

    Jake Schumacher Video Production

    Jake Schumacher

    Loaded with talent and ambition, Jake delivers spot-on video that compels and delights.

    At JLOOP, Jake:

    • Is a video director and producer, helping craft compelling stories for our clients.
    • Was responsible for our award-winning "Venture Out" video for American Airlines.
    • Is a motion graphics artist as well as editor, DP, and more.

    In the world, Jake:

    • Is currently directing and producing the Kickstarter-funded documentary "App: The Human Story".
    • Recently moved from Idaho with his wife and 2 girls.
    • Has created video projects for the respected Sandwich Video in Los Angeles.
  • Jason Kilp

    Jason Kilp Designer & Front-End Developer

    Jason Kilp

    Formerly part of an extremely melodic punk rock band, he now brings harmony to our user interface design with his graphics and development ingenuity.

    At JLOOP, Jason:

    • Is a forward-thinking front-end developer who uses technology to create efficiencies.
    • Uses his traditional and contemporary design background to create intuitive user interfaces.
    • Won't shut up about the virtues of Schema.org.

    In the world, Jason:

    • Is happily married to his wife whom he stole from England.
    • Will never turn down a cup of coffee, ever (seriously, it might be a disorder).
    • Was born in California and is the only member of his family that still lives here.

Our Capabilities

For more than a decade, we have been blending innovative design and advanced technology to create memorable online experiences.

This is how we get there:
  • Brand Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Visual Design
  • Video & Storytelling
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Development
  • Social Integration/Platforms